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Welcome to Nature Karma Rishikesh Welcome to Nature Karma Rishikesh Welcome to Nature Karma Rishikesh Welcome to Nature Karma Rishikesh Welcome to Nature Karma Rishikesh Welcome to Nature Karma Rishikesh Welcome to Nature Karma Rishikesh
Arrive in Rishikesh to be end and escorted to Tapovan where you will leave the main road and head off into the mountains. Car can only go for a short distance and then it is time to go on foot ascending the gentle lower slopes through the natural forest and mountain streams.

A thirty minutes walk brings you to your Naturekarma retreat, a beautifully designed Himalayan mountain cottage in a forest dearing, surrounded by forest and mountain and facing the magnificent view for for onto the mysterious distance. This will be your home dearing your stay, where the only sounds you will hear or trumbling mountain streams, bird songs and the occasional cow, goats or buffalo – for you are having a Himalayan village life, private and undisturbed, but within a scattered community off people who are fortunate to live within nature at its best.

Your days – however many or few – in your Naturekarma Retreat – fallow the rhythm of nature bringing you back to way of life that instinctively you know is right but one which may have been forgotten in the hectic lifestyle of the 21st century.

Daylight and darkness dictate the daily programme. Waking early about thirty minutes before the rising sun bring light to the mountain. Sip your Ayur Vedic “dosha specific” tea encouraging your body to awaken at its own pace whilst watching the darkness dissolve and the mountain emerge and witness the beginning of yet another beautiful and unique day.

Your guide will arrive to take you on a journey of discovery, on mountain paths, push mountain streams and waterfalls, up forest slopes and into secret valleys – identifying plants and trees, birds and insects, natural remedies and drive inspiring view. Feel at one with nature and syndronise your vibration with one of the most unspoilt region on the planet.

It is nature that dictrates your programme, as well as your stamina – in the early days it takes a little time to acclimatize to the altitude of the Himalayas – even on these lower forested slopes.

Return to the cottage to breakfast naturally and in harmony with your Ayur Vedic doshas.

Your therapist is waiting with warmed aromatic oils to soothe away all stresses and to encourage the body to relax and accept this shower pace that living in and surrounded by nature is dictating. Steam (swedana) is a time honoured Ayur Vedic process for opening the pores and releasing toxins – made even more effective by the addition of aromatic leaves gathered from the surrounding countryside that morning.

Jumping off the massage couch, dressing and getting on with life is not the way of naturekarma. Post therapy relaxation/meditation is considered of equal value to the actual therapy itself – so settle down on the day bed on the shady verandah or in the cool of the cottage and continue your therapy.

Lunch – prepared to be tridosic (intone with all dosha) or specific to the dosha – is the main meal of the day. Hopefully you will have a keen appetite generated by an early rise, early morning exercise, a light breakfast, and Ayur Vedic massage therapies to do justice to be a ‘balanced lunch’ consisting of home grown produce freshly picked from the cottage garden. Vegetarian food may not be your normal diet, but it is natures way of nourishing the body and you will discover after a few days leaves you feeling ‘lighter’ and more aware of the body and its connection to the natural universe.

Afternoon is your time – we al hlave a different pace – some will sleep off a good lunch others will track it off on the mountain paths, some may opt for more therapies, whilst some may settle down with a book, other may try their hand in the cottage garden “communing” with nature. The idea is that you should find the rhythm that suits you.

One of the most important part of the day is to witness the daylight slowly disappearing and the darkness of the light slowly encroaching on our mountain retreat – a cycle is being completed and we have time to sit and just be ‘aware’.

Some early evening ‘provocation’ is provided by various disaplinies – a Himalayan yogi will visit you to practice ‘Asana’ with you, an Ayur vedic doctor will consult on your health and well-being, a swami can introduce you to ;Vedanta” and the pathway to peace and enlightenment.

A light ayur vedic, balanced vegetarian supper should leave you feeling light and satisfied, one third food, one third water, one third air and ready to settle down into a deep sleep – as nature intended.

And tomorrow - well more the same.

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