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Nature Therapy
Wake up by Nature sound :

Morning you will be welcoming by nature sounds of bird songs and fresh air and Fresh light. Get up in morning early with Sun is a law of universe, and in this time we get all five Mahabhoot (5 great elements) fresh from nature, which are the main ingredients of our healthy body, mind and soul.

Ayurveda Fresh Nature Drink:

Fresh Brahmi Tulsi ginger herbal blend of hot drink will wake up your Body and mind, and cleans the Ama

Ayurveda Nature walk:

Nature walk on the pathway of Himalayas, shows Ayurveda Himalayan Plants and Trees, Take Deep breath for proper deep anti oxidant effects of Phytocytes, very good exercise of Heart, lungs and leg muscles and find the Mental Spiritual peace.

Ayurveda Breakfast:

Fresh fruits suits to your dosha/body types to provide balance 5 elements in our body.

Ayurveda Nature Therapy:

Ayurveda Therapies and herbal oils described by NatureKarma expert – Abhyangam(AYurvedic Massages), Shirodhara (herbal oil on third eye), Swedan (steam), Virechana (ayurvedic purgation), Udawartan (herbal exfoliation), Nasyam (nasal therapy), Karna Pooran (ear drops), Netra Tarpana (eye therapy), Basti (enema therapy) and more… for cleaning toxins and balancing nature body energy which is called TRIDOSHA.

Ayurveda Rest:

just after Therapy Rest is necessary, to feel the effect of herbs, pressure of Therapist movements and to relax the deep seated tiredness of body and mind.

Ayurveda Food:

Ayurvedic fresh made food suited for your body doshas, proveds balance of Digestive Agni and fulfill the natural requirement of body. Fresh Vegetarian food nourishes the body mind and soul.


This is a nature treatment for creating balance in mind and soul, walk to Spring natural water fall and sit on stone for one hour and just to be there, nothing to do, relax, enjoy the nature sound and touch nature.

Sleep in Nature:

Sound sleep in peace, no sound around, immerse in forest rhythm, will give complete relaxation and rejuvenation in nature.

                                                                                 3 Ayurveda Columns of Life to be Healthy is – Aahar, Nidra and Brahmachaya
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